The carousel is an upgraded iteration of the Hero section with the addition of being able to add more than one image and having it cycle on its own to showcase multiple promos and announcements at the top of the page.

Section View Icon Section View
Background Image
Small: 512 x 512
Large: 2048 x 768
Background Video
Small: 512 x 512
Large: 1280 x 720
Backup Video Image
Large: 2048 x 768
Peek Image
Peek Image Size: 52 x 720
Character Limit: ~35
Character Limit: ~100
Clip Position
Position Clip 'Left' or 'Right'
CTA Icon
Icon path or ID from icon map
CTA Text
28 Characters max, will not wrap.
CTA Link
Valid URL to link CTA or slide
Minimum of 5 (seconds) increments of 1 second to X seconds